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  • leaders r us
    Andy Robinson


    By Andy Robinson | ISBN 9780645411751 Is Leadership only for the people at the top of an organization? No! This is the biggest myth surrounding leadership! The reality is that we are all leaders, and...

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  • aspies living among us
    Aspies Living Among Us
    María I. Gómez


    By María I. Gómez | ISBN 9780645411744 For fifty-nine years, María I. Gómez was totally unaware of her condition. Since her ASD diagnosis in 2018, she decided to raise awareness and help others...

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  • that you would know jesus
    That You Would Know Jesus
    Leanne Dalapu


    By Leanne Dalapu | ISBN 9780645411737 Come discover a Gift so precious that it cannot be priced, for the value is of eternal weight and glory. Within this small, yet powerful book lay hidden truth:...

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  • 7 fundamental rights of god's kingdom
  • living unmasked
    Living Unmasked
    Teri Kempe


    By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780645371499 During the COVID pandemic we all wear a mask. Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. Many things we assumed gave us our identity such as our profession, church, social...

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  • Enter
    Kara-Glenn Bolger


    By Kara-Glenn Bolger | ISBN 9780645371444 Surrender. Capitulation. Yielding. Succumbing. Falling. Resigning. Abandoning. To stop resisting. To let go. Surrender is life’s messiest and most...

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  • Diamonds from the King
    Christine Bullock


    By Christine Bullock | ISBN 9780645371468 Diamonds from the King is a book of stories, stories from the life of an ordinary Christian who loves God and is looking to find Him in her everyday life....

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  • Pember Pennings
    H A Chilver


    By HA Chilver | ISBN 9780645337099 ‘Dear Ma, I hope you are sitting down. I am on my way to Mozambique.’ From the verdant valleys of Devon, well-meaning church and middle class motherhood to the...

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  • Uncompromising
    K.J. Rowe


    By K.J. Rowe | ISBN 9780645337075 Dylan Saunders has got it all. He’s got a great job as a Diesel Mechanic, a killer Harley Davidson Motorbike, his local Football club has just won the Premiership...

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  • Welcome
    Emily Hillery


    By Emily Hillery | ISBN 9780648760719 This collection of poems and poetic prayers gives insight into the emotional impact of sexual abuse. But these poems don’t depress, they give hope,...

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