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  • unlikely
    Jason T. Smith


    Delve into the captivating human story behind the Back In Motion Health Group, revealing the exhilaration and heartache of an entrepreneur’s quest from humble start up to a $100m ASX...

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  • Outside-In Upside-Down Leadership
    Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership
    Jason T. Smith


    For over a decade, Jason T. Smith led his business with a traditional vertical organisational structure that mostly worked – up to a point, anyway. Then something changed. An ambitious target was...

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  • God Encounters of a Misfit
    God Encounters of a Misfit
    Peter Evans


    An amazing adventure by author Peter Evans, now into his fifth decade of personal God-encounters, doubles up as a spiritual self-help book for those interested in safe Supernatural guidance,...

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  • The Un-extraordinary Life of Sophie Simpleton
  • The Reluctant Defector in North Korea
    The Reluctant Defector in North Korea
    Julia Love


    About the authorJulia Love graduated from Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia, and started her career as a high school teacher. Her faith in the Lord began after she was miraculously...

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  • Fear of Witchdoctors, Hippos and Cyclones in Mozambique
  • by his grace
    By His Grace
    Di McDonald


    If you were forced from your home by an abusive partner, what would you do if God asked you to return home? Would you go? This was the dilemma faced by the author of this book, Di McDonald,...

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  • His Life's Journey
    His Life’s Journey
    Fawzey Hage


    Tanyus Hage was orphaned at 6 years of age during the First World War. The odds were against him, but not only did he survive all the handicaps and potential fatal hazards, he rose to achieve things...

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  • the galtimer conspiracy
    The Galtimer Conspiracy
    Lyn Churchyard


    Thirteen-year-old Litha Johnson can’t convince her father or the authorities that the car crash that killed her mother was no accident. ‘You weren’t there. You didn’t see the Hummer that...

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  • beyond ordinary
    Beyond Ordinary
    Robert Kries


    Unlocking the hidden potential that exists in every person ‘Beyond Ordinary’ takes us into the life of Jabez, the journey he took, the lessons he learned, the opposition he faced and the...

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