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Not Business As Usual

By Matt Danswan   

The power of doing business and life in an unconvential way…

“NOT Business As Usual” perfectly describes Matt Danswan and his approach to life and business. As long as I’ve known Matt I’ve seen him display out-of-the-box thinking, mixed with God-seeking wisdom and as a result he and his amazing wife / business partner Nicole have built not only a great business, but also enviable lives. He and Nicole live well balanced, Christ-centered lives and are great examples of Christians who choose to succeed in all they do and be blessings to all they meet.

I believe this book will be a great blessing to anyone called into business and those seeking an alternative to the ‘cookie cutter’ business models employed by most.

Christian McCudden – Lead Pastor, C3 Noosa

NOT Business As Usual is a business book and autobiography, wrapped into one. Matt Danswan, the founder and CEO of Initiate Media, a global Christian media and advertising company, shares his personal story of his business path, and the God lessons learned along the way.

Growing up wanting to be a professional surfer, he felt the call away from the ocean to business in his late teens. While there was always the desire to do something for God, certainly being in Christian media was never a desire.

However when he entered the Christian marketplace and God unveiled a seeming unattainable, debt-free vision, it was one that caused him to work closely with his Creator to work out how to bring it to pass.

NOT Business As Usual is not your textbook-style business book, but rather focused on helping Christians in business – as well as anyone who wants to achieve something great – find the ‘God way’ for their life. So if you’re looking for a different perspective on doing business or life, this book may just change your life.

Making Retirement Work

By John Bradford 

Making Retirement Work is quite simply that: designed to help make retirement work for those either already there, or those drawing near to exiting the workforce.

The author, John Bradford, shares some of the lessons he has learned since not being in fulltime employment and offers some practical advice about coping with the challenges of retirement and growing old.

His son’s death from cancer at the end of 2015 was a very painful time for him and his family. Notwithstanding, his life – and this book – is based around the fact that he must get on with his life and “not grow weary or fainthearted.” (Hebrews 12:3b)

John graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Economics in 1968 and was conscripted into the Australian Army. He served in Vietnam for 12 months. After being discharged from the Army at the end of 1970, he returned to the family retail business in Sydney

Then followed several years in the retail industry which included, after he left the family business, surf shops, book shops and gift/novelties stores. He also completed a Graduate Diploma in Education and taught business subjects at Sydney Technical College.

John’s political career started when he was elected to the Warringah Council on Sydney’s northern beaches in 1977. However, after getting married in 1984 and moving to Queensland in 1987 he worked in his brother’s real estate business on the Gold Coast, mainly focussing on selling businesses. He then re-engaged with the retail industry in the role of National Director of the Shopping Centre Tenants Association.

Perhaps surprisingly, after such a short time in Queensland, John was elected to the Federal Parliament in 1990 as the Member for the ‘safe’ Liberal Gold Coast seat of McPherson. After leaving the Parliament at the end of 1998, John and his family left Australia for five years as missionaries, serving in Mongolia with the Bible Society, and then with YWAM (Mercy Ships) in the UK and USA.
At 72, full retirement is not on his agenda. Finishing well, however, is, and this book is deigned to help you do the same.

Peter’s Song

Peter’s Song is a celebration of the very ordinary made extraordinary by the hand of God. Relive events in the Apostle Peter’s life as recorded in scripture, but seen through his eyes and those who may have witnessed the events with him.

Peter’s Song is set immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus and is peppered throughout with Peter’s reflections on times when he ministered alongside Jesus.

Peter’s Song looks at the humanity of the men Jesus chose to be his disciples and deals with the tragedy and humour of the various situations scripture places them in. The book builds to a crescendo of hope brought about by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit working in and through them as they continue with the ministry Jesus started.

Rob lives with his family in East Sussex, England. Rob became a Christian in 1983 at the age of 22 after experiencing a miraculous healing from a prolonged period of ill health. He has spent the years since that encounter seeking after the God that brought about such an act of grace in his life and in the process has served Him in various Church leadership roles ever since. Rob has a way of opening very familiar passages of scripture from a fresh new perspective; not to apply new meaning to them, but to make them relevant for today’s listeners.

Guilt-Free Mothering

* Ever felt an overwhelming sense of guilt as a Mum??
* Never feel like you are doing a good enough job??
* Is guilt just seen as part of the mothering task??
In “Guilt Free Mothering” it shows us simply how much God loves us and how he doesn’t want us to live with guilt.
It gives straightforward, easy and effortless strategies that will change your thinking. By changing our thoughts this allows
us to be more powerful, effective and loving Mums.

Kylie Seah is an early childhood trained educator and mother to four children between the ages of 11 and 18. She has been a Christian for 23 years and has written this book based on great Christian preaching and revelations over the years. She does not claim to be a super mum just wants to reveal the freedom from guilt Christ wants us to all have as Mums. 


It’s not until we realise where contentment comes from that we are able to live the most fulfilled, meaningful, and perhaps even daring life.

As a collection of thoughts and topics, ‘Satisfiction’ is a heartfelt conversation for young women who want to live with purpose and contentment in the season they’re in.

If you’re keen to seek more of God, while exploring topics of life, love and relationships, then we invite you to join the author on this journey of unravelling satisfying truth.

Shelley Ward is a passionate follower of Jesus and has a heart to see others transformed by Him. She delights in encouraging and teaching young women the Word of God, drawing relevant applications to their lives. She lives on the beautiful coast of Australia.

Do You Know I Love You?

Do you know you are loved?

Engrained in our culture is the belief that you must follow the rules, be exceptionally good, be in control, please people. Wrong! Author Nichole wants to tell us why…

Nichole was taken out of the game and put on the bench. Upon sitting she felt for the first time an aching void, deep in her soul. Her easily relatable and humbling narrative of this journey discusses:

  • Being vs Doing.
  • The one thing we were created for.
  • Living a life in peace and balance.

Wife to The Engineer, momma to the T-Squad and blogger, Nichole brings a fresh, raw book of authentic stories, honesty, and love for the woman who has a deep void in her soul.

Written in Nichole’s conversational style, Do You Know I Love You is more than a question.  Drawing from her significant step-by-step journey Nichole invites you to learn the one thing that finally filled the deep void in her soul. Who knows, you might just end up finding it too!

Nichole Hamblin is wife to The Engineer, momma to two boys, a blogger, and speaker. An American child of the 70s, her faithful readers like her relatable, conversational and honest writing style. She is a work-in-progress who is passionate about shoes, good food, Chai tea, her family, running, reading, and taking naps. She has learned that Jesus’ love is everything. As a recovering ‘perfectionist control addict’ she is consumed with learning to lead others on the pursuit of love. 

Nichole can be found enjoying her team around their dining table, where stories from the day, laughter, encouragement and life lessons are shared often. Her goals are to keep her growing boys fed, spread love and continue to explore the beautiful island New Zealand where Team Hamblin is currently residing.

The Gardener’s Son

A person’s life consists not of what we plan or achieve, but of whether one is prepared to recognise that God is in control and whether one is prepared to accept His control, or to reject it in favour of one’s own machinations.

Most of us have encountered a sense of disorientation in our youth and a lack of direction in our lives and I was no exception. Perhaps more so than most, after having been raised within the strong, restrictive, religious church of the Exclusive Brethren.

This autobiography will take the reader on a sometimes tortuous journey of not only discovering that Compass, but after looking back, trace God’s hand in directing my footsteps.

After three and a half decades of service with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, during which time I was faced with many dangerous and life-threatening challenges – being able to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep; looking death in the face and being part of the miraculous restoration to life after the death of a baby – I had the privilege of being asked to fly a new aircraft from Switzerland to Perth.

To acknowledge God in one’s life, is to find the greatest sense of fulfilment.

The Motherload

What do Zachariah, Great Aunt Mildred and Bob have in common?

Being a Mum! The hardest job in the world, a myriad of decisions (shall we call the child Zachariah or Bob), hundreds of well-meaning but pointless pieces of advice (like Great Aunt Mildreds choice of Algernon?!), a thousand moments of ‘oh no what have we done!’ and what’s a new mum to do with all those baby samples?

If you’re feeling stressed out by the whole deal, pick up this book, grab a coffee (or tea, I’m not drinkest) and take the Mother Load off.

Lizzie Galloway or Liz as she’s usually known lives on the wild Westcoast of the South Island of Aotearoa with 2 kids, 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 terrapins, 1 bird, 1 rabbit, 2 parents (who live in the flat out the back) and 1 very long suffering husband.

She likes cooking, gardening and painting things which explains why she is often described by her darling madre as a ‘mucky pup’. This is her first published work but she assures us ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’ (but only if you like this one).