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  • the truth about high school
    The Truth About High School
    Diana Adis Tahhan (PhD)


    It is a difficult time to be a teenager. For those at high school, the playground doesn’t end in the schoolyard. Devices keep us connected to a cyber playground that can, at best, keep us...

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  • Get Yourself Back in Motion
    Get Yourself Back in Motion
    Jason T. Smith


    SAVE TIME AND MONEY BY TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH Having treated thousands of clients over more than a decade and supervised hundreds of trained physiotherapists in one of Australia’s...

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  • a picture of health
  • Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands
    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands
    Jenni de Vries


    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands started out as a record of the ups and downs of my husband’s and my journey towards adoption, but became a story of the hand of God weaving his will through...

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  • it is well
    It Is Well
    Paula Connelly


    Discovering wellbeing is about looking at every area of our life: body soul and spirit. Through her recipes from the heart, in It Is Well, Paula Connelly takes us on her journey of faith, healing...

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  • Aspies Living Among Us
    María I. Gómez


    For fifty-nine years, María was totally unaware of her condition. Since her ASD diagnosis in 2018, she decided to raise awareness and help others in a similar position. Aspies Living Among Us is...

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  • Vertical Living
    Mike Hubbard


    By Mike Hubbard | ISBN 9780645286021 How many of us get a gift with many mechanical components and struggle, or even neglect, to properly read the instruction booklet? Any product that is not used...

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  • This Wondrous Life
    Andrina E. Rijken


    Discover the extraordinary while living a seemingly ordinary life Has life ever left you wondering What is this all for? Am I having any impact or making a difference at all? When faced with the...

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  • Women. Thinking. Biblically.
    Kylie Moody


    By Kylie Moody | ISBN 9780648991250 Can the Bible be a woman’s practical, thinking, living reference point within this cultural context? Written within the context of progressive culture, where a...

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