• Unless Two Agree 2
    Ian Kuhlmann


    The messenger angel, Gabriel, only ever came to three key people of the Bible. Who was the first person that he spoke with, who then went on to change the course of history, with even Jesus making...

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  • That Book For Wives
    Sally Poyzer


    YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR MARRIAGE! Is your husband frustrating and annoying? Do you wish he was more loving and considerate? And does he show absolutely no interest in learning how to...

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  • Goodbye For Now or Goodbye Forever
    Jakki Civeriati


    By Jakki Civeriati | ISBN 9780645165746 Footsteps to a Functional Family Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we wanted, what we hoped for, and what we have dreamed of. We step into a marriage with...

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  • On Being Single
    Bethany Bell


    By Bethany Bell | ISBN 9780648458562 On Being Single is a heartfelt and often humorous insight into the single experience. Bethany’s warm and open approach to sharing her observations of...

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  • The Effects of Soul Ties on Our Lives
    Dr. Reg Morais PHD


    Dr. Reg Morais PHD | ISBN 978 064 829 1404 Why the scientific study of relationships has a lot to gain from paying attention to the soul is not difficult to explain. The soul is a sphere of...

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