• The Long Cold Nights of June
    The Long Cold Nights of June
    Debby Curreen


    On a cold dark Tuesday night in June 2006, my youngest brother, George (Hori) committed suicide. In the months and years that followed, I wrote constantly, pouring out my grief, anger and disbelief...

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  • stories of hope
    Stories of Hope
    Dawn Wolfik


    Stories of Hope is a series of forty-three poems addressing themes of everyday life, both past and present, including faith in God and our spiritual heritage; hope in grief; and life connections...

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  • cactus prickles
  • A Collection of Paintings and Poetry
    A Collection of Paintings & Poetry
    Virginia Bucknell and Cassa Bassa


    This inspirational book captures paintings of Australia’s spectacular landscape. With stunning imagery by Virginia Bucknell, woven in with beautiful poetry by Cassa Bassa, A Collection of...

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  • morning light
    Morning Light
    Naomi Cherie


    I hope in these pages you find comfort; I trust in these poems you find words to capture your feelings of joy or sorrow, of love whether lost or forever, and of the mystery of both the now and the...

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  • Crazy Praises
    Christine J. Bourne


    “…..When people ask me where is God? I can honestly say – I’ve seen Him and I know He’s real, He was at our farm, last Thursday. He turned up with a chainsaw, a shovel and a rake to...

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  • Prayers of the Created
    Jim Wenman


    Prayers of the Created is a collection of poems inspired through the author’s observation of God’s natural world. Reminiscent of the great Impressionist artists, who used paint to capture the...

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  • Enter
    Kara-Glenn Bolger


    By Kara-Glenn Bolger | ISBN 9780645371444 Surrender. Capitulation. Yielding. Succumbing. Falling. Resigning. Abandoning. To stop resisting. To let go. Surrender is life’s messiest and most...

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  • Welcome
    Emily Houston


    This collection of poems and poetic prayers gives insight into the emotional impact of sexual abuse. But these poems don’t depress, they give hope, following the pattern evident in the...

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  • Suspicious Eyes Taints the Heart
    Elsie Asiata


    By Elsie Asiata | ISBN 9780645286038 Suspicious eyes tells us lies, taints the heart and tears love apart! To truly appreciate the light in my life, you must first understand the darkness that used...

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