• made to be strong
    Made to be Strong – Book 2
    Kathy Strong


    “You are made to be strong!We all know that life can be hard, and some days don’t go quite as you hope! This book is written just for you. It’s filled with 60 short engaging pep talks to help...

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  • Building a Strong Family
    Building a Strong Family
    Phil Strong


    Raising kids while keeping your family relationships strong isn’t easy. When life throws you challenges, it makes things all the more difficult. Nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster...

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  • the motherload
    The Motherload
    Lizzie Galloway


    What do Zachariah, Great Aunt Mildred and Bob have in common? Being a Mum! The hardest job in the world, a myriad of decisions (shall we call the child Zachariah or Bob), hundreds of well-meaning...

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  • Motherhood Moments
    Desi Soitaridis


    There were seasons in my life where it was hard to pray. I struggled to put sentences together, or even worse, I didn’t want to speak to God. Why would He want to listen to me, anyway? Then I...

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  • Hope Wins
    Leisa Williams


    When doctors predicted her son would never speak or progress beyond the capacity of a toddler, Leisa Williams’s life was thrown into turmoil. Suddenly, her own hopes and dreams were put on...

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  • Together
    Shell Shaw


    Do you ever find yourself at a loss when it comes to family devotions? Where to start? What to do? Then Together devotions is for you!! If you want faith to be an integral part of your family, this...

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