• Land of the Bible
    John Cronshaw


    By John Cronshaw | ISBN 9780648084587 “With this inspired book, you can turn a simple holiday in Israel to a more profound spiritual experience. Based on years of experience, John Cronshaw has...

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  • Together
    Shell Shaw


    Do you ever find yourself at a loss when it comes to family devotions? Where to start? What to do? Then Together devotions is for you!! If you want faith to be an integral part of your family, this...

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  • The Future Is Bivocational
    Andrew Hamilton


    When I was in my 20’s and relatively new to paid ministry, I remember reading about another pastor in the deep south of our state who was employed as the school bus driver, alongside leading his...

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  • 40 Days With Grace
    Sherylle Wells


    As you read the pages of 40 Days With Grace, you will journey with the author, Sherylle Wells, through some difficult and dark days. After her marriage devastatingly broke up, followed by claims of...

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  • Echo Mountain
    Jane Lindsay


    In their second adventure, teenagers Nate and Ollie are again transported into the future. Nate is shocked to find himself at sea, off the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, on a...

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  • Long Road to Zaïre
    Graham Toulmin


    By Graham Toulmin | ISBN 9780645286090 Decisions change your life … When thirty seven year-old Australian dentist, Graham Toulmin, told his bank manager in 1985 he was selling his practice and...

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  • Scoop
    Di Britton


    By Di Britton | ISBN 9780645286069 Scoop is a Little Penguin who was born in Summerlands, Cowes, in the Southern Victorian region of Australia. He is adventurous and sometimes a little naughty. Born...

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  • Josiah
    Jason Potter


    By Jason Potter | ISBN 9780645286052 Josiah is adventurous, curious, and smart, yet he feels different to other kids, as if he doesn’t belong. Physical and emotional bullying takes a toll on...

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