• daring to be different
    Daring to be Different in Bolivia
    Julia Love


    Ana was extremely frustrated by her restricted lifestyle in rural Bolivia. She often resented being a girl because she had to mind the family’s animals, instead of frequently going to school like...

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  • deep times with god
    Deep Times With God
    Dr. Charles Makoundi


    God’s hand is the safest place to be; not our finances or our home. Walking with God benefits our spiritual, mental and physical health. “I pray that all may go well with you and that...

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  • the mission dimension
    The Mission Dimension
    Neil Flower


    Untold numbers of people in today’s western culture are wandering aimlessly in a hopeless morass of 21st century ‘ism’s’ that lead nowhere and give no satisfaction and purpose to life. A...

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  • day of darkness
    Day of Darkness
    Philip Stott


    Old sins cast long shadows… King Manasseh is dead, but his terrible legacy of violence lives on. The people of Judah, enjoying a period of peace and prosperity, are apathetic and blissfully...

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  • An Invitation to Follow
    An Invitation to Follow
    James Murray


    Jesus’ instruction to us as his followers was to go and make disciples, but how? What exactly is a disciple? How do I become one or help others become one? This book aims at giving you a...

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  • antoine's cafe
  • the fog lifter
  • Return to the Lord
  • Good God, Good Grief
    Leah Kahika


    Good God, Good Grief is a heartfelt and practical guide, thoughtfully written by Leah Kahika, a pastor, police chaplain, and mother who works intimately with the traumatic landscape of loss in her...

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  • Christ Saviour of the Weary
    Christ Saviour of the Weary
    Rosamund J Kirkwood


    If you’ve ever wanted to understand how Satan’s yoke keeps people trapped in emotional and psychological problems and shameful behaviour, then Christ, Saviour of the Weary is a must...

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