• beyond hallelujah
    Beyond Hallelujah
    Helen Bradford


    Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or panic attacks? Do you struggle with negative thoughts? Helen Bradford is one person who understands, having experienced mental health issues most of her...

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  • Commentary on A Synopsis of the Synoptic Gospels
  • narkus mukus
    Markus Mukas
    Roxana Hackett


    Markus Mukus dreamed of being super-fast! But as a half snail, half slug, he knew what it was like to be made of fun for being different. However, meeting another person who didn’t quite fit in...

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  • Be Who You Were Born To Be
    Be Who You Were Born To Be
    Natalie Stone


    Makak Monkey did not like the way he looked.He wanted to be just like his friends and thought he was missing out by being himself.All he wanted was to get rid of his red fur.But no matter what he...

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  • Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen
  • the narrow gate
    The Narrow Gate
    Ellice Myee


    Will Ben and Angela find the Narrow Gate that leads to the Eternal City? What wonders will they find when they reach the Eternal City? Readers of The Narrow Gate will be enthralled as they follow...

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  • stories of hope
    Stories of Hope
    Dawn Wolfik


    Stories of Hope is a series of forty-three poems addressing themes of everyday life, both past and present, including faith in God and our spiritual heritage; hope in grief; and life connections...

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  • the promise
    The Promise
    Naomi Reed


    In the 36 hours between Jesus death and resurrection, Joanna, the sister of Mary, plumbs her own grief and loss by listening to the voices of the generations of women before her who have clung onto...

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  • over my shoulder
  • Parallel Worlds
    Parallel Worlds
    Paul Godrich


    In a world where truth is often obscured by confusion and doubt, Parallel Worlds offers a fresh perspective on the timeless wisdom of Christianity through a parabolic vision, subtly revealing the...

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