• The Reluctant Defector in North Korea
    The Reluctant Defector in North Korea
    Julia Love


    Growing up in poverty in the ‘hermit state’ of North Korea, Nam and his friends know absolutely nothing of the world beyond their nation’s borders. A chance find of an illegal USB, containing...

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  • Fear of Witchdoctors, Hippos and Cyclones in Mozambique
  • by his grace
    By His Grace
    Di McDonald


    If you were forced from your home by an abusive partner, what would you do if God asked you to return home? Would you go? This was the dilemma faced by the author of this book, Di McDonald,...

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  • His Life's Journey
    His Life’s Journey
    Fawzey Hage


    Tanyus Hage was orphaned at 6 years of age during the First World War. The odds were against him, but not only did he survive all the handicaps and potential fatal hazards, he rose to achieve things...

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  • the galtimer conspiracy
    The Galtimer Conspiracy
    Lyn Churchyard


    Thirteen-year-old Litha Johnson can’t convince her father or the authorities that the car crash that killed her mother was no accident. ‘You weren’t there. You didn’t see the Hummer that...

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  • beyond ordinary
    Beyond Ordinary
    Robert Kreis


    Unlocking the hidden potential that exists in every person ‘Beyond Ordinary’ takes us into the life of Jabez, the journey he took, the lessons he learned, the opposition he faced and the...

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  • Mr. Stork Delivering Megan
    Mr. Stork Delivering Megan
    Phil Reynolds


    Mr. Stork is a magical wise old bird, who has been delivering babies for hundreds of years, as the old worldly folklore stories tell us. Mr. Stork Delivering Megan could be the story of any new baby...

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  • beauty maker
    Beauty Maker
    Sarah Alison


    There is much beauty in the making. What if God called you to do the most humble, unseen work and that it would cause you to kneel and wrestle and question and dig and till the uncultivated ground...

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  • the motherload
    The Motherload
    Lizzie Galloway


    What do Zachariah, Great Aunt Mildred and Bob have in common? Being a Mum! The hardest job in the world, a myriad of decisions (shall we call the child Zachariah or Bob), hundreds of well-meaning...

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  • positioned for miracles
    Positioned for Miracles
    Dr. Jerry Stott


    Haven’t we all heard amazing stories from missionaries and wondered why those same miracles don’t happen here?Dr. Stott not only shares incredible miracle stories, but also teaches...

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