• Unlocking Creative Identity
    Roma Waterman


    By Roma Waterman | ISBN 978-0994551658 God is looking for the artist who is willing to carve pathways that lead others to His heart. He is looking for those who want to impact the earth with the...

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  • Not Business As Usual
    Matt Danswan


    The power of doing business and life in an unconventional way… NOT Business As Usual is a business book and autobiography, wrapped into one. Matt Danswan, the founder and CEO of Initiate Media, a...

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  • Game Plan
    Brett Murray


    By Brett Murray | ISBN  9780648263982 For a tree to grow tall and vast the roots must run deep and broad. Such does Game Plan. The spirit and words that come from Brett are both vast and deep,...

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  • Making Retirement Work
    John Bradford


    By John Bradford | ISBN 9780648291466 Making Retirement Work is quite simply that: designed to help make retirement work for those either already there, or those drawing near to exiting the...

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  • Belly Dancing at the Bus Stop
    Sarah Turland


    By Sarah Turland ISBN | 9780648173465 So there I stood, on the other side of the world, waiting at the bus stop. Everyone who knew my parents from before said, ‘Aren’t you glad to be home...

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  • Ya’acov’s Well
    Nina Peck


    By Nina Peck ISBN |9780648173458 The year is 1 AD. The setting is Samaria, in the Roman province of Judaea.  Mara bat Malâikhiy is the beautiful youngest daughter in a poor family,...

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  • Alana’s Brief Season


    by LIZ BREMER ISBN | 978-0-6481016-9-7 “Time of death”, is all I record the doctor saying. It was sometime in the afternoon, 29 December 1994. I knew it was the right decision but I...

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  • The Man Who Rebelled Against God


    by LEONARD YOUNG ISBN | 9780648101628 This is an Australian story about a Chinese boy born in the early 1940s who was confronted by a society that treated him with open hostility and...

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  • Glorifying God, Centred in Christ
    Edwin Yip


    ISBN | 9780648291435 I glanced around at my fellow worshipers, brothers and sisters I had come to know and love over the course of the week, sharing and delighting in the same mission. I was...

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  • The Lie
    Kym Streat


    ISBN: 9780648050872 Evensmore isn’t a regular town. But then Jack Daley isn’t a regular guy. An ancient truth kept secret for nearly 200 years…  Until now. When Jack...

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