• Ya’acov’s Well
    Nina Peck


    By Nina Peck ISBN |9780648173458 The year is 1 AD. The setting is Samaria, in the Roman province of Judaea.  Mara bat Malâikhiy is the beautiful youngest daughter in a poor family,...

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  • Alana’s Brief Season


    by LIZ BREMER ISBN | 978-0-6481016-9-7 “Time of death”, is all I record the doctor saying. It was sometime in the afternoon, 29 December 1994. I knew it was the right decision but I...

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  • The Man Who Rebelled Against God


    by LEONARD YOUNG ISBN | 9780648101628 This is an Australian story about a Chinese boy born in the early 1940s who was confronted by a society that treated him with open hostility and...

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  • Glorifying God, Centred in Christ
    Edwin Yip


    ISBN | 9780648291435 I glanced around at my fellow worshipers, brothers and sisters I had come to know and love over the course of the week, sharing and delighting in the same mission. I was...

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  • The Lie
    Kym Streat


    ISBN: 9780648050872 Evensmore isn’t a regular town. But then Jack Daley isn’t a regular guy. An ancient truth kept secret for nearly 200 years…  Until now. When Jack...

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  • A Long Walk In One Direction
    Phil Pawley


    Phil Pawley’s hikoi from Waitangi to Waikanae follows the approximate journey of one of the first books printed in Aotearoa New Zealand; Te Rongopai a Ruka – the Gospel of Luke. Printed by...

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  • Feels Like I’m Breathing
    Anya Mckee


    What does a woman do when she’s on the other side of the world and she’s falling apart? When she knows she’s a hopeless mess and she can’t stop damaging the very people she loves...

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  • Christ, Saviour of the Weary
    Rosamund J Kirkwood


    If you’ve ever wanted to understand how Satan’s yoke keeps people trapped in emotional and psychological problems and shameful behaviour, then Christ, Saviour of the Weary is a must read. Author...

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  • Peter’s Song
    Robert Hawkes


    Peter’s Song is a celebration of the very ordinary made extraordinary by the hand of God. Relive events in the Apostle Peter’s life as recorded in scripture, but seen through his eyes and those...

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