• Winning Between the Ears
    Winning Between the Ears
    Gary Blackford


    We’ve known the science of brain renewal for years. Terms like ‘Neuro-Plasticity’, ‘Synapsis’ and ‘Neurologic Pathways’ fill book stores and conferences....

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  • What's God Really Like?
    What’s God Really Like?
    Rod Pegus


    What’s God Really Like? is a different kind of book because, while it describes the true nature of God as revealed in the Bible, it is presented in the kind of informal, story-telling style...

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  • A Life More Than Ordinary
    A Life More Than Ordinary
    Julie Tyrie


    A LIFE MORE THAN ORDINARY is an unforgettable story of triumph over tragedy set against the backdrop of the hope that only comes from knowing and trusting God. It is the raw and inspiring true story...

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  • You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore
    You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore
    Rebecca Pater


    Beth is overweight, worn down and afraid she is losing her marriage. Can she rediscover the girl she used to be, the girl her husband fell in love with, or is it already too late? Joan must face the...

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  • How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
    How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
    James Campbell


    In the fourth verse of John Newton’s beautiful hymn ‘How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds’ the hymnwriter lists ten attributes of Jesus that are a blessing to all believers who are walking the...

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  • jonah
  • In the Beginning
  • beloved one
    Beloved One
    Suz Foley


    In his eyewitness account of Jesus, the disciple John calls himself the Beloved One. Did Jesus love him more than the other disciples?  The intimacy of the nickname is fascinating,...

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  • Get Yourself Back in Motion
    Get Yourself Back in Motion
    Jason T. Smith


    SAVE TIME AND MONEY BY TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH Having treated thousands of clients over more than a decade and supervised hundreds of trained physiotherapists in one of Australia’s...

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