• legends of epoch
    Legends of Epoch
    Christian Mack


    Fourteen-year-old Romesus lives in a world governed by a mysterious Establishment that has brought darkness and poverty to society. He lives in a poor town where a wise and weathered man named...

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  • is god shaking up the world
    Is God Shaking Up the World
    Adrienne Adam


    2 Samuel 22: 31-33“As for God, His way is perfect: The Lord’s Word is flawless;He shields all who take refuge in Him. For who is God besides the Lord?And Who is the Rock except our God?It is...

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  • this chosen fast
    This Chosen Fast
    Matt Madigan


    In this accessible book, join Matt as he responds to God’s invitation to pack up his family with just $2 in the bank, wait in airports for breakthrough, and overcome the odds to make it to ‘The...

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  • The Importance of Reading the Bible
    The Importance of Reading the Bible
    Mervyn Tilley


    Reading the Bible has been one of the passions of my life for almost 50 years and in this short booklet I want to share my experience and with it underline the importance of reading the...

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  • a wonderful watery world
  • for what it's worth
    For What It’s Worth
    Dr. Ken Lewis


    If you have not looked around lately, the world is rejecting Christianity en masse. That is, true Biblical Christianity. America upholds Muslims and criticizes Christians. I never thought I would...

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  • it is well
    It Is Well
    Paula Connelly


    Paula Connelly is the founding director of the Wellspring Healing Centre located in Victoria, Australia. Paula became a qualified life coach with the passion to enable, empower and equip others in...

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  • Living Missionally Beyond Sunday
    Living Missionally Beyond Sunday
    Kerry McRoberts


    What does a banker on Wall Street in New York, the owner of Filament Tattoo Company in Indiana, a pastor with a bar stool for a pulpit in North Carolina, and a police officer in Oregon have in...

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  • meant to be
    Meant To Be
    Sarah Bartlett


    Adventure: that is what they dreamed of. Packing up their high school lives, jamming their possessions into the car and leaving their small town in the dust, Sam and Anita are inseparable. Best...

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  • when you pray
    When You Pray
    David Cooper-Henderson


    A true story of the events which took place from the time the author, David Cooper-Henderson, began reading the Holy Bible from cover to cover, starting with the year 1990. David takes the reader on...

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