• re-discovering the role of the church
    Rediscovering the Role of the Church
    Andrew Darrah


    Nothing is worse than a teenager who has to deal with no sense of meaning and purpose in life and the doubts associated with being born into a religious family. I had to attend Sunday services, and...

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  • a lamb among warriors
    A Lamb Among Warriors
    Dr. Dwane Jackson


    A Lamb Among Warriors is a new perspective on the well-known, but ancient, Bible story of David and Goliath.  Presented in a unique, rhyming, fun format, this “Maskil of Ethan the...

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  • the golden tentacle
    The Golden Tentacle
    Natalie Nheu


    Ned represents all of us before we accept Jesus into our life as our Lord and Saviour. Perhaps we can all relate to Ned’s feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness and meaninglessness at some point...

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  • unexpected
  • my sister called me florence
    My Sister Called Me Florence
    SM Nostrini


    What’s in a name? I am troubled; I was born in pain. These are the meanings of the names I was given, but my sister called me Florence. I give thanks for the gift of this name. I have dedicated my...

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  • Diary of a Good Christian Girl
  • whirlpool
    Jane Lindsay


    In their third adventure, teenager Nate and his good friend, Daniel, step through a time portal into the future and end up where they don’t want to be: in south-west Tasmania, Australia. The...

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  • deep faith resilient faith
  • Unless Two Agree 2
    Ian Kuhlmann


    The messenger angel, Gabriel, only ever came to three key people of the Bible. Who was the first person that he spoke with, who then went on to change the course of history, with even Jesus making...

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  • top cop 2
    Top Cop 2
    Gary Raymond


    Top Cop 2: On the Beat follows on from the bestselling Top Cop. Top Cop 2: On the Beat covers some of the many experiences of Ex Chief Inspector Gary Raymond. This book traces some of the exciting...

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