• Bible Journaling: Growing closer to God
    Chantal Wilson


    By Chantal Wilson | ISBN 9780648670360 Have you been looking for a new way to grow and strengthen your relationship with God? Or maybe you, or a friend of yours, would like a fun way to start...

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  • On Being Single
    Bethany Bell


    By Bethany Bell | ISBN 9780648458562 On Being Single is a heartfelt and often humorous insight into the single experience. Bethany’s warm and open approach to sharing her observations of...

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  • The King’s Daughter
    Carolann Kelleher


    By Carolann Kelleher | ISBN 9780648507789 About the author: Carolann Kelleher was born in London UK and came to Australia in January 1970 aged 25 years, looking for a new life with her two children....

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  • Overcoming Trauma
    Vivien Wilson


    by Vivien Wilson | ISBN 9780648371953 “Vivien is a gifted and powerful writer, her lucid descriptions imprints pictures of suffering as she expresses her feelings and experiences in bare faced...

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  • Finally Free
    Tanja Alincic


    Finally Free tells the amazing story of Tanja Alincic, a former psychic prostitute who was caught up in a dark world of smoking pot, drinking and using men for sex. By day she also held down a job...

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  • Your Life, Your Shot.
    Steve Done


    By Steve Done | ISBN 978-0-6484410-9-0 Coach Steve Done is a successful basketball coach with championship experiences at the professional and collegiate levels, and as an N.B.A scout. Steve has...

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  • The Effects of Soul Ties on Our Lives
    Dr. Reg Morais PHD


    Dr. Reg Morais PHD | ISBN 978 064 829 1404 Why the scientific study of relationships has a lot to gain from paying attention to the soul is not difficult to explain. The soul is a sphere of...

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  • Four Bible Codes
    Rod Luckett


    Rod Luckett | ISBN 9780648441076 Did you know that the Bible contains mathematical code that prove its existence? Did you also know that in understanding this code, it proves the Creation...

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