• Navigating Community Conflict
    Alan Kelsaw


    When conflict erupts and disrupts your leadership, you can flounder. Or you can use the principles, strategies and resources outlined in this book to help you faithfully navigate these choppy waters...

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  • The Lord’s Day
    D. Rudi Schwartz


    If we neglect celebrating the Lord’s Day, we imply that the grace of God in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection, are not worth celebrating together with the rest of Christ’s people. With...

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  • Art of Care
    Marita Mayengahema


    By Marita Mayengahema | ISBN 9780645227789 Care is an art that can only be mastered through commitment, training, and continuous improvement. This must always emanate from the Care provider. ART OF...

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  • Battling & Beating the Blues
    Dr. Robert Bakss


    Depressed? There is a Hope! People are obsessed with happiness, yet many are increasingly depressed. Millions of people battle and suffer with depression every day and it is more than just feeling...

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  • Storm Riders
    Jane Lindsay


    By Jane Lindsay | ISBN 9780645286014 Teenagers Nate and Ollie start on an adventure sailing their Dad’s boat in the beautiful coastal town of Jervis Bay, Australia. Encountering a ferocious storm,...

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  • The Calling
    Sue Taylor-Reeves


    By Sue Taylor-Reeves The community of The Clearing had once been a place filled with joy and hope, the folk from The Garden had established themselves after the Exodus from their idyllic world,...

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  • Who Is Your Goliath?
    Christine J. Bourne


    By Christine J. Bourne | ISBN 9780645227734 Who is Your Goliath? is Christine’s second book and she is well on the way to completing a third, yet unnamed book of Christian poetry. Born in...

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