• Not As Far To Fall
    Alan Beamish


    By Alan Beamish Set in the vast and beautiful Australian Outback. A long lost secret is discovered. It has the fingerprints of genius, triggering a race between three nations, who will do anything to...

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  • Subtitles
    Shadi Alexander


    By Shadi Alexander | ISBN 9780645015317 We are living in a world and at a time desperately in need of good leadership. SUBTITLES is a practical take on leadership, addressed primarily to Christian...

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  • The Gathering
    Ray Barnett


    By Ray Barnett | ISBN  9780648938071 We are living in a time when we are forced to question everything we know about what it means to be a church.Our world is becoming more fiercely...

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  • I Am a Child of God. I Am a Woman of Color
    Rose Garcia Rivera


    By Rose Garcia Rivera | ISBN 9780645015355 My sincerest longings, barest emotions, most heart-felt joy and my noblest thoughts: About our current times with the pandemic, racial tensions and how I...

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  • Following the Firstborn
    Jim Ward


    By Jim Ward | ISBN 9780648991229 Jesus is called the “firstborn” from the curse of death as he triumphantly shows us light in darkness and calls us to join him in His Kingdom as a joint heir. To...

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  • Fight of Faith
    James Moody


    By James Moody | ISBN 9780648887355 An amazing story of overcoming cancer. Growing into his teenage years, James Moody was wrestling with his doubt for whether God was real or questioning if his...

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  • David, The Winner No Matter What
    Julie Hughes


    By Julie Hughes | ISBN 9780648991205 For David, winning was everything. He was well trained. His eyes were on the goal and he’d persevered in his race, not looking back as told us in Hebrews 12....

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  • The Sound of Light
    Alexander N. Roe


    By Alexander N. Roe | ISBN 9780648991281 Be Victorious! Commissioned by God into the Office of Prophet (Eph.4:7), Alexander N. Roe has been used by The Holy Spirit in the avenues of preaching,...

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  • Love Is Everywhere
    Nicole Chini


    By Nicole Chini | ISBN 9780645103175 Love. It’s probably the most commonly searched for and yearned for thing on this planet. There are websites dedicated to it, songs sung about it, dating sites...

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