• The Adventures of Charli Horse
    The Adventures of Charli Horse
    Sue Taylor-Reeves


    Charli is the smallest horse that ever there was. After being rescued from a very sticky situation by Kindness Pigglington, life for them was never to be the same again. As Charli and The...

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  • A Collection of Paintings and Poetry
    A Collection of Paintings & Poetry
    Virginia Bucknell and Cassa Bassa


    This inspirational book captures paintings of Australia’s spectacular landscape. With stunning imagery by Virginia Bucknell, woven in with beautiful poetry by Cassa Bassa, A Collection of...

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  • Unassailable
    K.J. Rowe


    To be picture perfect on the outside can cause people to think you have it all together on the inside. Which is exactly the case for Hope Meyer. Stuck in a dead-end job with no vision for her...

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  • his workmanship
    His Workmanship
    Professor John Clark


    When, in faith, we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we become a new creation, as St Paul explains in his letters to the fledgling churches he helped to found.  As believers, we are no...

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  • Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality
    Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality
    Mike Richardson


    When Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be ‘born of the Spirit’ He affirmed human sexuality as an appropriate metaphor for understanding the faith. Being ‘born again’ is one of the...

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  • A Synopsis of the Synoptic Gospels
    Richard K. Moore


    The term ‘Synoptic Gospels’ refers to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In terms of organization and content these Gospels have a much closer relationship to one another than any one of...

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  • will i have to brush my teeth
    Will I Have To Brush My Teeth In Heaven?
    Emma-Jane McNicol


    How do you navigate life when you, or those you love, are faced with the loss of what you just can’t live without? Your child. Will I Have to Brush My Teeth in Heaven reveals the true story of a...

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  • morning light
    Morning Light
    Naomi Cherie


    I hope in these pages you find comfort; I trust in these poems you find words to capture your feelings of joy or sorrow, of love whether lost or forever, and of the mystery of both the now and the...

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  • Daddy Will Carry Me
    Daddy Will Carry Me
    Barb Ireland


    “We were propelled, my little family and I, into a dense fog, driven by grief’s unbearable pain. The faith we held so dear hung loosely across us like a worn life jacket that we hoped might...

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  • Pastoral Care: The Core of Christian Ministry

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