• spirit
    Melanie Downes


    There are so many questions related to the spiritual element of our existence; questions that need to be answered in order that we may live life to the full in passion and freedom.  From spirited...

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  • RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    Rodney Hutcheon


    The theory of evolution has been around for over two and a half centuries now, and yet, the theory has still not found any significant scientific support. The current science is actually moving us...

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  • Gospel Blaze in Borneo
    Gospel Blaze in Borneo
    Jim Ward


    Gospel Blaze in Borneo combines an illustrated traveller’s tale about a 2023 journey of discovery to Ranau in Sabah, East Malaysia, with exciting mission stories, historical research and rare...

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  • multiplication
    Nick Klinkenberg


    MULTIPLICATION will expand your paradigm from not just planting churches to planting networks of churches. It will ignite something fresh in you as well as give practical tools for planting churches...

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  • Leadership Styles and Levels of Church
    Leadership Styles and Levels of Church
    Dr. Gordon Moore


    In LEADERSHIP STYLES & LEVELS OF CHURCH, Gordon Moore draws on over 40 years of first hand experience in all levels of church leadership to present his leadership styles model. Gordon has...

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  • Leadership Styles and Levels of Church - GERMAN VERSION
  • the l factor
    The ‘L’ Factor
    Dr. Ian Jagelman


    “This book contains tried and true principles that have been practised over years for church growth and management. It deserves to be studied. I highly recommend it to you, your staff and your...

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  • Take Someone With You
    Take Someone With You
    Dr. Gordon Moore


    TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU is written for one purpose: to equip you to inspire and raise other leaders around you. Whether you lead a small group, a department or a church, as leaders we are most...

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  • for such a time as this
  • Commentary on A Synopsis of the Synoptic Gospels

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