• Gangland to Grace
    Gangland to Grace
    Huw Donaldson


    Gangland to Grace is the gripping true story of one man’s struggle through a life of gangs and violence in Christchurch, New Zealand before his meeting with God and subsequent mission service to...

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  • The Next Exceptional CEO
    Russell Driscoll


    Good, Better, Best. And then there is Exceptional. FACT: In 2020, approximately 214 million companies existed worldwide. Most of those had a CEO. The sad reality is that too few CEOs are genuinely...

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  • Rotor in the Green
    Ray Dousset


    By Ray Dousset | ISBN 9780648578079 All my life I had felt different, unfulfilled. My wife and my many counselors could not understand the reason why. Only one person knew the answer, and He would...

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  • Your Life, Your Shot.
    Steve Done


    By Steve Done | ISBN 978-0-6484410-9-0 Coach Steve Done is a successful basketball coach with championship experiences at the professional and collegiate levels, and as an N.B.A scout. Steve has...

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  • The Effects of Soul Ties on Our Lives
    Dr. Reg Morais PHD


    Dr. Reg Morais PHD | ISBN 978 064 829 1404 Why the scientific study of relationships has a lot to gain from paying attention to the soul is not difficult to explain. The soul is a sphere of...

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