Grief and Loss

  • silent suffering
    Silent Suffering
    Bec Sarah Jane


    Silent Suffering delves into the journey of Bec Sarah Jane, a survivor of domestic abuse and child sexual abuse, whose resilience shines through—even in the darkest of times. A childhood of...

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  • by his grace
    By His Grace
    Di McDonald


    If you were forced from your home by an abusive partner, what would you do if God asked you to return home? Would you go? This was the dilemma faced by the author of this book, Di McDonald,...

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  • Good God, Good Grief
    Leah Kahika


    Good God, Good Grief is a heartfelt and practical guide, thoughtfully written by Leah Kahika, a pastor, police chaplain, and mother who works intimately with the traumatic landscape of loss in her...

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  • a trek of faith
    A Trek of Faith
    Maureen Martin


    When Maureen Martin’s oldest son, Beau, was selected as an Australian Youth Ambassador to Indonesia in 2002, her family was naturally thrilled.  Part way through the orientation for this once...

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  • will i have to brush my teeth
    Will I Have To Brush My Teeth In Heaven?
    Emma-Jane McNicol


    How do you navigate life when you, or those you love, are faced with the loss of what you just can’t live without? Your child. Will I Have to Brush My Teeth in Heaven reveals the true story of a...

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  • Daddy Will Carry Me
    Daddy Will Carry Me
    Barb Ireland


    “We were propelled, my little family and I, into a dense fog, driven by grief’s unbearable pain. The faith we held so dear hung loosely across us like a worn life jacket that we hoped might...

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