• beauty maker
    Beauty Maker
    Sarah Alison


    There is much beauty in the making. What if God called you to do the most humble, unseen work and that it would cause you to kneel and wrestle and question and dig and till the uncultivated ground...

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  • This Wondrous Life
    Andrina E. Rijken


    Discover the extraordinary while living a seemingly ordinary life Has life ever left you wondering What is this all for? Am I having any impact or making a difference at all? When faced with the...

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  • A Forgotten Art
    Bekky Brill


    By Bekky Brill | ISBN 9780645037500 In a world that enthrones comparison, gossip, self-hate, and being your own rock ‘A Forgotten Art’ by Bekky Brill endeavours to encourage the reader to...

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  • Painting With God
    Grace Bailey


    By Grace Bailey | ISBN 9780995391758 Paint the vision and make it plain. What is prophetic painting and as an artist, why would you do it? Journey with Australian artist Grace Bailey through her...

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  • Unlocking Creative Identity
    Roma Waterman


    By Roma Waterman | ISBN 978-0994551658 God is looking for the artist who is willing to carve pathways that lead others to His heart. He is looking for those who want to impact the earth with the...

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