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  • faith of a maker
  • the stars at night
    The Stars at Night
    Merrin Cameron


    Set in a rural community on the Western Darling Downs of Southern Queensland, “The Stars at Night” takes the reader on Kath Wilmont’s journey from a past where her childhood dreams and self...

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  • big fish and deep forgiveness
    Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness
    Julia Love


    Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness is an exciting faith-based adventure story for teenagers. At the age of 15, Nathan a Filipino boy, is struggling in his relationship with both his step-dad and his...

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  • for such a time as this
  • Why Jesus? Navigating His Transformative Message
  • following jesus
    Following Jesus
    Sean Ewing


    Surrendering to Jesus extends beyond a single moment of confession; it embodies a journey of profound understanding and steadfast faith. In an age where fleeting convictions often eclipse...

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  • unchained melody
    Unchained Melody
    Jacqueline Clark


     A compelling true story of one woman’s journey from darkness to light  Based on a true story, Unchained Melody is an account of a compelling, but ordinary character, Melody, who will take...

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  • the new testament church
  • loved saved healed
    Loved. Saved. Healed. – A Story of Hope
    Louise Wilkinson


    When Louise Wilkinson was a little girl, she thought that her father owned her. Sexually abused since infancy, Louise grew up thinking that it was normal to be used for sex. As a teenager, she was...

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  • Fleeing the War in Ukraine
    Fleeing the War in Ukraine
    Julia Love


    Sveta and her family have lived happily all their life in a quiet Ukrainuan village. However after the neighbour’s block of flats is bombed by a Russian missile, and Sveta makes a gruesome...

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