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  • his workmanship
    His Workmanship
    Professor John Clark


    When, in faith, we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we become a new creation, as St Paul explains in his letters to the fledgling churches he helped to found.  As believers, we are no longer...

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  • Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality
    Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality
    Mike Richardson


    When Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be ‘born of the Spirit’ He affirmed human sexuality as an appropriate metaphor for understanding the faith. Being ‘born again’ is one of the...

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  • will i have to brush my teeth
    Will I Have To Brush My Teeth In Heaven?
    Emma-Jane McNicol


    How do you navigate life when you, or those you love, are faced with the loss of what you just can’t live without? Your child. Will I Have to Brush My Teeth in Heaven reveals the true story of a...

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  • morning light
    Morning Light
    Naomi Cherie


    I hope in these pages you find comfort; I trust in these poems you find words to capture your feelings of joy or sorrow, of love whether lost or forever, and of the mystery of both the now and the...

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  • Daddy Will Carry Me
    Daddy Will Carry Me
    Barb Ireland


    “We were propelled, my little family and I, into a dense fog, driven by grief’s unbearable pain. The faith we held so dear hung loosely across us like a worn life jacket that we hoped might...

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  • Pastoral Care: The Core of Christian Ministry
  • cancel your plans i've got something better
  • The Importance of Reading the Bible
    The Importance of Reading the Bible
    Mervyn Tilley


    Reading the Bible has been one of the passions of my life for almost 50 years and in this short booklet I want to share my experience and with it underline the importance of reading the...

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  • it is well
    It Is Well
    Paula Connelly


    Paula Connelly is the founding director of the Wellspring Healing Centre located in Victoria, Australia. Paula became a qualified life coach with the passion to enable, empower and equip others in...

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  • meant to be
    Meant To Be
    Sarah Bartlett


    Adventure: that is what they dreamed of. Packing up their high school lives, jamming their possessions into the car and leaving their small town in the dust, Sam and Anita are inseparable. Best...

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