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  • Reflections On Living In Grace
    Reflections On Living In Grace
    Richard G. Berlach


    What is the faith journey really about? Why was Jesus so hated? What do we know of the Kingdom of God? How is Jesus’ resurrection relevant? What do we know of the Holy Spirit? How will it all end,...

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  • get clean
    Get Clean
    Will Fieldhouse


    Once you’re born again, everything is supposed to work out great from then on, right? Well, as most Christians will tell you, it doesn’t always work out that way.“The 12 step program’s...

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  • The Spirit of Antichrist
    The Spirit of Antichrist
    Dr. Ken Lewis


    It is time we wake up and see the handwriting on the wall. Satan is working day and night, fomenting evil around the entire world. He is behind the chaos and disorder we see everywhere. He roams to...

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  • the cross and the railway
    The Cross and the Railway
    Reverend John Wyndham


    Australia is a large country, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Indian Ocean in the west, a distance of 3290 km. Following federation of the colonies in 1901, a railway line crossing...

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  • jeremiah
    Manu Susan David


    Jeremiah was called by God to share his message to a hostile people. This study book takes the reader through the book of Jeremiah in a structured manner, making 18 important pitstops along the...

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  • leading like jesus
    Leading Like Jesus
    Kevin Simington & Dr. Keith Farmer


    An essential book for everyone in Christian leadership of any kind. “This book is both edifying and profoundly disturbing. It shines a light on the dysfunctional leadership trends that have...

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  • normal christian
    Normal Christian
    Dr. Gordon Moore


    Normal Christian is written with one purpose: to present the accomplishments and provisions of the cross of Jesus Christ as normal for every believer. It is normal, therefore, for every believer...

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  • press upwards
    Press Upwards
    Ashley Walmsley


    Biblical devotions based on video games – you’re kidding, right? Not at all. In fact, even through electronic games, God’s love for the world can be seen.  Press...

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