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  • Unless Two Agree 2
    Ian Kuhlmann


    The messenger angel, Gabriel, only ever came to three key people of the Bible. Who was the first person that he spoke with, who then went on to change the course of history, with even Jesus making...

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  • justification part two
  • Love & Identity
    Adele Grobler


    Reading scripture plays an especially important part in our walk with Jesus. The Bible teaches us about God’s nature, including how to live and what to avoid. It is our road map for life. But how...

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  • Waiting In His Courts
    Cecelia Catherine Loppy


    Come! A love beckons into His tabernacle just for you! Has the longing for something greater ever consumed your heart? Has the call and hunger for the King’s presence ever beckoned you to draw...

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  • Press On In Hope
    Carol Goode


    The book of Daniel gives a powerful end-time prophecy. “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall incresase……..None of the wicked shall understand only the wise…”...

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  • Another Moment With God
    Nenia Tavrou


    Finding time each day to connect with God is not only essential to our mental well-being, but also helps us grow spiritually. Another Moment With God is a powerful devotional that is designed for...

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  • Twenty Four – Signs of the End Times
    Marc R. Wheway


    Throughout the book, Twenty-Four, Dr. Marc Wheway identifies twenty-four signs from Mathew, Chapter 24 (the Olivet Discord), focusing on the end times. The signs of the time reveal the season of...

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  • Behind the Picket Fence
    Dawn Pryor


    We live in a world that is consumed with comparisons. Each and every day, women struggle to believe the truth about themselves, rather believing that those around them are living better, happier and...

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  • Views From Down Under
    Philip S Weeks


    “Can we recall a word spoken in love that has refreshed, that has stopped us straying, that has mended a wound?” (David Cumming) Views From Down Under contains over 20 years’ worth of...

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