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  • Torn Between Two Loves
    Torn Between Two Loves
    Beryl Spencer


    TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVES is a journey through everyday life. It is about reality and heartache. Beryl Spencer was sexually abused as a child and violently raped as a teen; she felt rejected by those...

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  • and there came a lion
    And There Came A Lion
    Beryl Spencer


    “The trouble with Christians is you expect your God to take you out of trouble.” I was offended at the words, but deep inside I knew this was true. My limited understanding of...

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  • he speaks tenderly
    He Speaks Tenderly
    Beryl Spencer


    Many in today’s world may feel forsaken, unloved… But the truth is God has not turned his back on you. He has not rejected you; he loves you and is speaking tenderly to your heart...

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  • Take Someone With You
    Take Someone With You
    Dr. Gordon Moore


    TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU is written for one purpose: to equip you to inspire and raise other leaders around you. Whether you lead a small group, a department or a church, as leaders we are most...

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  • worship wars
  • Why Jesus? Navigating His Transformative Message
  • following jesus
    Following Jesus
    Sean Ewing


    Surrendering to Jesus extends beyond a single moment of confession; it embodies a journey of profound understanding and steadfast faith. In an age where fleeting convictions often eclipse...

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  • unchained melody
    Unchained Melody
    Jacqueline Clark


     A compelling true story of one woman’s journey from darkness to light  Based on a true story, Unchained Melody is an account of a compelling, but ordinary character, Melody, who will take...

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  • the new testament church
  • beyond hallelujah
    Beyond Hallelujah
    Helen Bradford


    Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or panic attacks? Do you struggle with negative thoughts? Helen Bradford is one person who understands, having experienced mental health issues most of her...

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