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  • RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    Rodney Hutcheon


    The theory of evolution has been around for over two and a half centuries now, and yet, the theory has still not found any significant scientific support. The current science is actually moving us...

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  • Kintsukuroi Christians
  • escape from egypt
    Escape From Egypt
    Wendy Hayes


    Many Christian women live under the weight of the misuse and abuse of authority, without recognising it. Escape From Egypt exposes the subtle and not so subtle ways the enemy has used religion to...

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  • revelations in the valley
    Revelations in the Valley
    Sarah Ninham


    I was taken on a health and spiritual journey I will never forget last year. Through a deep valley of struggles with my health, where I had to learn to call on God to help me find a way through,...

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  • giant killers
    Giant Killers
    Tim Hall


    The motionless form of a giant of Gath lay face down on the battlefield of Shochoh and blood from his forehead seeped into the earth below his face. The great intimidator Goliath, champion of...

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  • Revealed - God's Plan From Now Till Eternity
  • his glory
    His Glory
    Keshan Singh


    In His Glory, the basic principles and driving force behind the Christian faith are broken down and explored. The identity of the Trinity and what Christ left behind for believers reveal the faith...

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  • Awaiting His Return
    Awaiting His Return
    Marc R. Wheway


    In Awaiting His Return, readers are invited to delve into the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, in which he emphasises the crucial themes of steadfastness and readiness for the...

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  • He Speaks Our Language
    He Speaks Our Language
    Rob Douglas


    He Speaks Our Language is the biography of Wilfrid Henry Douglas, a veteran linguist and missionary to Aboriginal people in Australia for more than 60 years. Wilf is the father of the author, Rob...

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  • Winning Between the Ears
    Winning Between the Ears
    Gary Blackford


    We’ve known the science of brain renewal for years. Terms like ‘Neuro-Plasticity’, ‘Synapsis’ and ‘Neurologic Pathways’ fill book stores and conferences....

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