• a lamb among warriors
    A Lamb Among Warriors
    Dr. Dwane Jackson


    A Lamb Among Warriors is a new perspective on the well-known, but ancient, Bible story of David and Goliath.  Presented in a unique, rhyming, fun format, this “Maskil of Ethan the...

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  • the golden tentacle
    The Golden Tentacle
    Natalie Nheu


    Ned represents all of us before we accept Jesus into our life as our Lord and Saviour. Perhaps we can all relate to Ned’s feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness and meaninglessness at some point...

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  • Jonathan’s Amazing Sacrifice
    Julie Hughes


    Jonathan saved hard to take his family to Dreamworld. Then a dramatic event at school changed everything. What if God wanted him to prove his faith was real? Jonathan had a hard decision to make. His...

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  • The Way of the Covenant
    Sue Taylor-Reeves


    By Sue Taylor-Reeves | ISBN 9780645103199 Time stood still in The Garden. Lowey and Savannah were once again reunited and would live in the peace that they had once known and loved. The Spirit in...

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