• JUMP Into the Unknown
    Melanie Downes


    By Melanie Downes | ISBN 9780648887362 Have you ever taken a leap of faith without knowing if you’ll land well or not? Don’t you admire people who hold nothing back? Don’t you love people who...

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  • Hollow Hearts: Mac, Dorothy and Me
    Alison Mortimer


    By Alison Mortimer | ISBN 9780648825982 On Australia Day 2016, Mac was the recipient of an Order of Australia Medal for services to the community. By Australia Day 2017, just one year later, he was...

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  • Grace Upon Grace
    Teri Kempe


    By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780648825913 Teri Kempe had a job she loved in Sydney, Australia when her life took an unexpected turn. Having just reached retirement age, she heard the unmistakable call of...

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  • Looking For NX14771
    Ian Heard


    By Ian Heard | ISBN 9780648825951 ‘…In the little boy’s heart, happy as he was, there remained a vague ache. How can you miss something, someone, you never knew? But he had the dog-tag. That...

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  • Consider the Lilies
    Shoshannah Isaacs


    By Shoshannah Isaacs | ISBN 9780648715016 Shoshannah Isaacs has traveled to many parts of the world. Everywhere she has been, she has seen a great need in people – even in those who seemingly...

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  • Dare to Try
    Cathleen Hope


    By Cathleen Hope | ISBN 9780648670384 Fascinating people. Deadly obsessions. Dare to Try is a story of journeys. The physical journey through the landscape of the Australian bush reflects the...

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  • Rotor in the Green
    Ray Dousset


    By Ray Dousset | ISBN 9780648578079 All my life I had felt different, unfulfilled. My wife and my many counselors could not understand the reason why. Only one person knew the answer, and He would...

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  • Coins from Heaven
    Carly Hamilton


    Carly Hamilton | ISBN 9780648578048 Have you ever felt that there were angels guiding your life?Has a strange set of circumstances or coincidences ever made you think that perhaps there’s another...

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  • embers
    H A Chilver


    H A Chilver | ISBN 978-0-6485077-3-4 If your life or that of someone you love has been touched by divorce, then this story will resonate with you. Broken dreams and shattered lives are far from...

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