• Goodbye For Now or Goodbye Forever
    Jakki Civeriati


    By Jakki Civeriati | ISBN 9780645165746 Footsteps to a Functional Family Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we wanted, what we hoped for, and what we have dreamed of. We step into a marriage with...

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  • You Can’t Ride a Yak
    Sarah Reardon


    By Sarah Reardon | ISBN 9780645103137 “Mum, just go!” I wasn’t interested, but when my daughter said those three words, something in my heart changed. Since then, I have been on an eight-year...

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  • Up and Out of Egypt
    Helen Marsh


    By Helen Marsh | ISBN  9780987583918 A stunning true story of redemption and forgiveness. Up out of Egypt is the personal story of Helen Marsh: a young, rebellious girl, who from the age of 12 was...

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  • When I Am A Doctor
    Dr. Anne Glew


    By Dr. Anne Glew | ISBN 9780645037555 Lorna, the wife of a country minister, believed that her husband brought to their marriage his inherited family curse of poverty. She looked for relief to their...

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  • Fight of Faith
    James Moody


    By James Moody | ISBN 9780648887355 An amazing story of overcoming cancer. Growing into his teenage years, James Moody was wrestling with his doubt for whether God was real or questioning if his...

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  • Out of the Darkness
    Kerryn Redpath


    Despite a happy, loving start to life, some dire choices in Kerryn’s teens sent this young Australian woman into a wild path of destruction. Given less than two hours to live with heart and...

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  • Tell Them I’m Alive
    Marion Estelle Brown


    By Marion Estelle Brown | ISBN 9780648991236 What began as the author’s simple expectations, developed into unimaginable opportunities to share the love of Jesus in unlikely locations. From a...

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  • The Benwerren Story
    Douglas Kirk McDonald


    When God called Olive and Howard McDonald to birth a women’s ministry called Benwerren, beginning in 1951, they heeded the call. While their ministry commenced in 1951, it formally became an...

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