• the fog lifter
  • marked by mercy
    Marked by Mercy
    Mark Johnston


    From a very young age, Mark Johnston grew up around pubs, parties, drunks, drug addicts and criminals. He was a victim of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. By the age of 19 Mark had...

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  • Christ's Passion
  • Zaïre: The Easy Part Was Getting There
    Zaïre: Getting There Was The Easy Part
    Graham Toulmin


    ‘When is the dental clinic going to start?’ was the question that the suffering people of Butembo were asking the Anglican pastor, Muhindo Ise-somo, every day in early 1988. He would then...

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  • Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands
    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands
    Jenni de Vries


    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands started out as a record of the ups and downs of my husband’s and my journey towards adoption, but became a story of the hand of God weaving his will through...

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  • the cross and the railway
    The Cross and the Railway
    Reverend John Wyndham


    Australia is a large country, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Indian Ocean in the west, a distance of 3290 km. Following federation of the colonies in 1901, a railway line crossing...

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  • and he was there all the time
    And He Was There All the Time
    June Vorster


    In this raw and soul-stirring memoir, June Vorster fearlessly unravels the tapestry of a life shaped by tumultuous choices, heart-wrenching challenges, and the unwavering presence of God. She shares...

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  • a trek of faith
    A Trek of Faith
    Maureen Martin


    When Maureen Martin’s oldest son, Beau, was selected as an Australian Youth Ambassador to Indonesia in 2002, her family was naturally thrilled.  Part way through the orientation for this once...

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  • the b word
    The ‘B’ Word
    Katrina Wilkie


    A young woman’s struggle from the torment of Bulimia to freedom in Christ The ‘B’ Word is the story of a young woman’s struggle with an eating disorder known as Bulimia. As...

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  • Waiting for Morning
    Waiting for Morning
    Dawn Wolfik


    Grief is a process that every person will face at some time in their lives. Sadly, it is simply a question of when, not if, we will face it. Grief is often an enemy lurking in the shadows, ready to...

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