• by his grace
    By His Grace
    Di McDonald


    If you were forced from your home by an abusive partner, what would you do if God asked you to return home? Would you go? This was the dilemma faced by the author of this book, Di McDonald,...

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  • His Life's Journey
    His Life’s Journey
    Fawzey Hage


    Tanyus Hage was orphaned at 6 years of age during the First World War. The odds were against him, but not only did he survive all the handicaps and potential fatal hazards, he rose to achieve things...

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  • cancer storm
    Cancer Storm
    Clint Beattie


    CANCER STORM tells of Clint Beattie and his remarkable recovery from terminal brain cancer, temporary paralysis and near blindness. Diagnosed at 12 years of age, Clint discovered he had an...

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  • there runs a quiet river
    There Runs a Quiet River
    L.N. Walker


    There Runs a Quiet River is a compelling story of life in Vietnam during most of the 20th Century. It shares the true story of the author’s father, Pastor Xuyen, his faithfulness in living his...

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  • Torn Between Two Loves
    Torn Between Two Loves
    Beryl Spencer


    TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVES is a journey through everyday life. It is about reality and heartache. Beryl Spencer was sexually abused as a child and violently raped as a teen; she felt rejected by those...

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  • prisoner in paradise
    Prisoner in Paradise
    Sally Dudley


    Many years ago I was startled by a poster on a wall, which said: “White Australia has a black history.” That poster jolted me out of my comfortable white view of the world, as I had...

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  • for such a time as this
  • unchained melody
    Unchained Melody
    Jacqueline Clark


     A compelling true story of one woman’s journey from darkness to light  Based on a true story, Unchained Melody is an account of a compelling, but ordinary character, Melody, who will take...

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  • loved saved healed
    Loved. Saved. Healed. – A Story of Hope
    Louise Wilkinson


    When Louise Wilkinson was a little girl, she thought that her father owned her. Sexually abused since infancy, Louise grew up thinking that it was normal to be used for sex. As a teenager, she was...

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  • the fog lifter

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