• Deep Times With God
    Deep Times With God
    Dr. Charles Makoundi


    God’s hand is the safest place to be; not our finances or our home. Walking with God benefits our spiritual, mental and physical health. “I pray that all may go well with you and that...

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  • the mission dimension
    The Mission Dimension
    Neil Flower


    Untold numbers of people in today’s western culture are wandering aimlessly in a hopeless morass of 21st century ‘ism’s’ that lead nowhere and give no satisfaction and purpose to life. A...

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  • day of darkness
    Day of Darkness
    Philip Stott


    Old sins cast long shadows… King Manasseh is dead, but his terrible legacy of violence lives on. The people of Judah, enjoying a period of peace and prosperity, are apathetic and blissfully...

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  • An Invitation to Follow
    An Invitation to Follow
    James Murray


    Jesus’ instruction to us as his followers was to go and make disciples, but how? What exactly is a disciple? How do I become one or help others become one? This book aims at giving you a...

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  • antoine's cafe
  • the fog lifter
  • Return to the Lord
  • Good God, Good Grief
    Leah Kahika


    Good God, Good Grief is a heartfelt and practical guide, thoughtfully written by Leah Kahika, a pastor, police chaplain, and mother who works intimately with the traumatic landscape of loss in her...

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  • Christ Saviour of the Weary
    Christ Saviour of the Weary
    Rosamund J Kirkwood


    If you’ve ever wanted to understand how Satan’s yoke keeps people trapped in emotional and psychological problems and shameful behaviour, then Christ, Saviour of the Weary is a must...

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  • strictly inclusive
    Strictly Inclusive
    James Murray


    A lot of people have perceptions and opinions about church and some of them, quite frankly, are true. But is that really what the church is about, the real church? In this book we will journey...

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