• made to be strong
    Made to be Strong – Book 2
    Kathy Strong


    “You are made to be strong!We all know that life can be hard, and some days don’t go quite as you hope! This book is written just for you. It’s filled with 60 short engaging pep talks to help...

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  • RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    RIP The Theory Of Evolution
    Rodney Hutcheon


    The theory of evolution has been around for over two and a half centuries now, and yet, the theory has still not found any significant scientific support. The current science is actually moving us...

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  • loving floyd
  • Letters to Tess
    Letters to Tess
    Dee Hoodcamp


    Eddy and Tess Sinclair have it all: a good marriage, faithful friends, a comfortable house and well-paying jobs. What could go wrong? When they both make a terrible mistake, Eddy is jailed and their...

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  • Gospel Blaze in Borneo
    Gospel Blaze in Borneo
    Jim Ward


    Gospel Blaze in Borneo combines an illustrated traveller’s tale about a 2023 journey of discovery to Ranau in Sabah, East Malaysia, with exciting mission stories, historical research and rare...

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  • a pearl from ashes
    A Pearl From Ashes
    Julie Mallinson


    A Pearl from Ashes is the story of how God cares for both the fatherless and the alien. The fatherless: Little Pearl was found abandoned outside an Internet cafe in central China in the spring of...

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  • multiplication
    Nick Klinkenberg


    MULTIPLICATION will expand your paradigm from not just planting churches to planting networks of churches. It will ignite something fresh in you as well as give practical tools for planting churches...

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  • a full life
  • Kintsukuroi Christians
  • escape from egypt
    Escape From Egypt
    Wendy Hayes


    Many Christian women live under the weight of the misuse and abuse of authority, without recognising it. Escape From Egypt exposes the subtle and not so subtle ways the enemy has used religion to...

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