• The Miracles of Jesus
    Richard G. Berlach


    Throughout history, Jesus’ miracles have had a seductive pull on the human psyche. But what miracles did Jesus perform? How was He able to do so? Where did His power come from? Why did He perform...

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  • trust and obey
    Trust and Obey
    Julie Hughes


    Written for pre-schoolers, Trust and Obey is a series of short stories to encourage our little ones to find Jesus in every situation and to learn how to make godly choices. About the authorJulie...

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  • From Sir With Love
    Ken Edgecombe


    In 20 years of Religious Education teaching, there seems to be little ground we did not visit, although I suppose there must be an acre or so of it really … And most of it came from people’s...

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  • History Makers
    Matt Prater


    History Makers: Devotions, Downloads & Dad Jokes is the latest book from Pastor Matt Prater. Matt is the Senior Pastor of New Hope Church in Brisbane, Australia and he is the host of...

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  • Zechariah: The Lord has remembered
    Marc R. Wheway


    Dr Marc Wheway’s fifth book, Zechariah, delves into the events prophesied before and after Jesus Christ’s second coming and the urgency for us all to prepare ourselves for His return. The...

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  • Hope Wins
    Leisa Williams


    When doctors predicted her son would never speak or progress beyond the capacity of a toddler, Leisa Williams’s life was thrown into turmoil. Suddenly, her own hopes and dreams were put on...

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  • Arise Kallah
    Dr Carolyn Minnie


    Jesus spoke on multiple occasions about His bride, Kallah. It is important that His chosen understand what it means to be His Kallah and comprehend His love for us. In Arise Kallah, author Carolyn...

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