cancel your plans i've got something better

    Cancel Your Plans, I’ve Got Something Better

    Christy Young

    ISBN 9780645670561

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    The 28 Day Encounter Journal

    “To the curious, the confused, the low in faith, and the unbeliever.

    I am so much more than what you’ve only heard of me.

    I can guide you better than a GPS, love you deeper than a bride and groom at their wedding, heal you faster than the strongest of medications and give you a sense of purpose greater than any dream job.

    I have so much in store for you.

    Let me help you, let me heal you. Let me take you to places immeasurabely more than you’ve ever dreamed of.

    Yes, I’ve been calling you for a while…

    and it’s time to pick up.’’

    – Your loving creator

    About the author
    Christy Young was born into a Christian family in Wellington, New Zealand. She has been living in Australia since 2008, where she completed her secondary and tertiary education. She currently resides in Sydney, Australia and is working in the fashion industry.

    The 28 day Encounter Journal is a result of Christy’s personal encounters with God. She purchased a blank notebook with the intention of writing down any notes or thoughts from her own personal devotions.  Without any thought, she wrote down headings, and somehow crafted a formula that became a personal devotional method.

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