by his grace

    By His Grace

    Di McDonald

    ISBN 9781763511217

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    If you were forced from your home by an abusive partner, what would you do if God asked you to return home? Would you go?

    This was the dilemma faced by the author of this book, Di McDonald, following years of family violence that included an attempt to take her life. 

    The decision to totally trust God and to be radically obedient to His will created the perfect opportunity for a modern-day miracle.

    By His Grace gives insight into the many forms of abuse experienced by women exposed to family violence and follows the life of the author as she navigates the turbulent waters within her marriage.

    About the author
    Di McDonald has written her story to help expose the myths that surround one of the most prevalent social issues in modern society, including ‘that it is impossible to be a person of violence if you are a Christian’.

    Di lives in rural New South Wales, Australia and is active in church life, passionate about prayer, and passionate about unity of the body of Christ.

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