Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands

    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands

    Jenni de Vries

    ISBN 9780645920710

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    Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands started out as a record of the ups and downs of my husband’s and my journey towards adoption, but became a story of the hand of God weaving his will through heartaches, questions, confusion, doubts and all kinds of troubles.

    Why would I, a committed Christian, have a godly desire, hope or dream that would never be fulfilled? After all, welcoming a child into your family through adoption is a good thing and I believe is close to the heart of God (see James 1:27). But when I prayed “Your kingdom come, Your will be done,” in regards to adoption, did I really mean it? Was my trust in Christ based on what I wanted him to do for me by fulfilling my deep longing to adopt, or was it solely on what he already did for me on the cross?

    As I ponder our adoption journey, the Lord shows me more and more that His ways are higher than my ways, and that His thoughts are higher than my thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9); and that to truly follow Christ, I must die to myself and live for Him (Matthew 16:24, Philippians 1:21).

    That includes taking that good, even God-honouring dream of adoption and placing it in His wounded hands. He knows so much better than I what to do with it.

    Whether you long to adopt, get married, have children, be healed, serve in missions, or do any other good thing, Broken Dreams in Wounded Hands is written for you. My prayer is that it will help you to see the unwavering faithfulness of God in your life, and that you would be encouraged to fix your eyes on Jesus, to steadfastly trust him and serve him, and to ground yourself in nothing else but him and his word; especially when life doesn’t go the direction you’d hoped it would.

    About the author
    Jenni de Vries is married to Nic. They live in Kununurra, a remote town in far north Western Australia, but for most of their married life, they have lived in the Midwest, where Jenni homeschooled their four sons. She is passionate about Jesus and strives to serve Him in her family, through music, in church, by fighting the culture wars and by chatting with friends over a cup of tea. In Him she lives and breathes and has her being.

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