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Beyond These Eyes: The Biography of Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo

Lynn Goldsmith

ISBN 9780648458586

LIST PRICE: $14.99


“If I can do all this and I am blind, what can you achieve?” 

Beyond These Eyes is the biography of one of the most inspiring, courageous and incredible young men to be living on our planet at this time in history. 

Professional surfer Derek Rabelo is fearless in the ocean. The unique characteristic of this young man, though, is that he is blind, having been born with congenital glaucoma.

He is famous for his big wave courage, riding life-threatening monsters at Pipeline, Jaws and Mavericks in Northern California, and most recently surfing 50 foot waves in Nazare, Portugal. This is an unbelievable attempt for anyone, but a miracle if you are blind. 

Beyond These Eyes takes you on an extraordinary journey of Derek’s life. From the time of his birth, the anguish and then devotion and love of his family, to his time now as a married man and his devotion to his wife, Madeline.

His strong faith and love for God has enabled him to achieve the miraculous. Derek tours the world to speak to people of all ages to encourage and inspire them to take the limitations off their thinking. 

Derek has an incredible influence on people. He has opened my eyes to the fact that we are only limited by our own thinking and the restrictions we place on ourselves.
Tom Carroll
Two time World Champion surfer

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