Beyond the Tamar

    Valerie Pybus


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    By Valerie Pybus | ISBN 9780645183535

    1821 Survivor, Frenchman Christian de Furneaux, crawls onto the dubious sanctuary of a Cornish Beach. He sets in motion a saga that will encompass the tin mines of Cornwall to, decades later, the tin mines of South Australia.

    His descendants endure the downturn of the tin and copper industries, grappling with the emerging China clay trade. Unexpected deaths, alcoholism due to a scamming scheme. Two small boys entombed in an adit shaft.

    Jonathon de Furneaux, the protagonist, finds his salvation. He travels to North Wales, learns about sheep husbandry and slate quarrying. After further setbacks, the family decide to seek a future in South Australia.

    Throughout enormous trials and tribulations, they cling tenaciously to their ingrained Christian beliefs which continue to sustain and support them as they grow and emerge triumphant in their new world.

    About the author
    Valerie Pybus has a fascination with all things Cornish and following a writing residential, explored and discovered the themes that emerge in Beyond the Tamar. She resides in Sydney, Australia.

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