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    Beyond the Music

    Margaret Pickstone-Dark

    ISBN 9780645774177

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    “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.’ “Matthew 21:13

    How many people have heard the sound of intense prayer that grows louder by the hour? Prayer that explodes like rushing waters as thousands of Christians of different cultures, tribes and tongues cry out in fervent hunger for God, making them one?

    This is a HOUSE OF PRAYER.

    Or how many have seen over a thousand children kneeling with hands raised to heaven, worshipping Jesus.? Or others lying face down on the floor, weeping for their sins, while others cry out for the lost.

    This is REVIVAL.

    The prophet Jeremiah said: ‘”O that my head will be a spring of water and my eyes a fountain of tears! I would weep night and day for the slain of my people.” Jeremiah 9:1

    When you are a part of such gatherings, life brings dramatic changes. We are living in vital times in preparation for the Lord’s return. The world is getting darker, but God’s light is growing brighter through his church. This can only come through passionate pursuit of the presence and holiness of God.

    If you feel there is an empty well inside of you, then this book is for you. If you are hungry for more of God, this book is for you. As the body of Christ, we must connect with the Spirit of God in these end times.

    Worship brings the glory of God and the fullness of joy. Beyond the Music will help you to live a lifestyle of revival. The book outlines God’s glorious plan of restoration of his church and kingdom. It will encourage you to come into your full potential in the Holy Spirit, laying down a foundation of pattern of worship ordained by God. You will also learn how to live in the presence of God in the midst of battles.

    About the author
    Margaret Pickstone-Dark was born in the Hunter Valley, Australia in 1949. She grew up in a hard-line religious sect until the age of 18. After she was released from this group, she studied music, which led into teaching piano and singing for 40 years. Besides teaching and directing music, choirs, drama and worship in Pentecostal churches, Margaret has been active in caring for the sick, counselling, street ministry and leading prayer groups in isolated country towns.

    Her music ministry was launched in Auckland, New Zealand in the early 1980’s and prayer ministry in South Korea in 1987. Her involvement with different prayer networks and evangelism has taken her around Australia, Philippines, India, Turkey, Indonesia and Israel. She is also an artist and author of six books. Margaret married for the first time in October 2020 to Peter Dark. They are presently living in the Hunter Valley and passionate about serving God together wherever He leads.

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