beyond ordinary

    Beyond Ordinary

    Robert Kreis

    ISBN 9780975633144

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    Unlocking the hidden potential that exists in every person

    ‘Beyond Ordinary’ takes us into the life of Jabez, the journey he took, the lessons he learned, the opposition he faced and the obstacles he had to overcome to unlock the potential of his life and become the person he was capable of being.

    Each chapter takes us a step further into what it takes to live:

    • beyond the dictates of our birth and upbringing
    • beyond the dictates of life’s circumstance
    • beyond what we have been told we can or cannot do

    This book contains life lessons of what it takes to break away from the confines of fate or the box life has put us in to becoming more and doing more than what we, ourselves, or others think is possible.

    About the author
    My own journey, while not told in this account, reflects the reality of the truths these pages contain. I grew up on a farm, left school at 15, never completing high school and having no formal academic or trade qualifications. I am not gifted in some extraordinary way, so from the natural standpoint this book should never have been written. But the relentless pursuit to push beyond the boundaries and confines of life’s circumstances has led to this adventure and this outcome.

    It is my deep desire to live a life that counts for something beyond my mere existence and through these pages I want to inspire you to do the same and to liveBeyond Ordinary’.

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