BEWARE! Beautiful, Ugly Witch

    Glenn C. Mercer


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    By Glenn C. Mercer | ISBN 9780648938026

    Morgahna is a beautiful witch who, deceived by Satan’s enchanting and attractive lies, sets out to capture the heart of a knight of the Cross of Jesus by using her stunning beauty and witches wiles. Her aims are to defame him, destroy his faith in Christ, and ultimately, to kill him.

    God, however has other plans – for the both of them!

    Though set in modern times, the story has a sprinkling of the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table to add to the flavour of the adventure.

    While the story is fantasy, this book is designed to warn and challenge those, particularly Christians, of taking witchcraft and the occult as a harmless bit of fun.

    About the author:
    Glenn Mercer was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up on its Northern beaches. He joined the RAAF at the age of seventeen and remained in the aviation business for decades to come. In 1991, he moved to England for two years where he gave himself to the Lord. On he return to Australia he studied theology at the Bible College of Victoria (BCV) and served in ministry as a Chaplain and a Pastoral Care Minister within the Presbyterian Church. He recently undertook further theological study at Brisbane School of Theology. Due to a severe illness he is now living in semi-retirement in rural Western Australia.

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