beloved one

    Beloved One

    Suz Foley

    ISBN 9781763530379

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    In his eyewitness account of Jesus, the disciple John calls himself the Beloved One. Did Jesus love him more than the other disciples? 

    The intimacy of the nickname is fascinating, suggesting there was something about John’s relationship with Jesus that changed his life.

    Beloved One explores each chapter of John with original paintings and reflections, asking if Jesus still changes lives today.

    About the author
    Suz Foley lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband David. She has four adult children and an adoring dog, Pippa. Suz has lived in Melbourne, Colorado and New Zealand and has worked as an Occupational Therapist, a pastor and community centre director. She currently works as a prison chaplain. 

    Colour and creativity are an important part of Suz’s life, and she has also been passionate about writing and faith. This project brings together Suz’s passions and her heart to communicate creatively with people to encourage thought, imagination, emotion, and response. She hopes the painting and devotions bring enjoyment and encouragement to readers.

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