Belly Dancing at the Bus Stop

    Sarah Turland


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    By Sarah Turland

    ISBN | 9780648173465

    So there I stood, on the other side of the world, waiting at the bus stop. Everyone who knew my parents from before said, ‘Aren’t you glad to be home Nora?’ 

    Little did they know…

    When fifteen-year-old Nora returns to school in Australia, she despairs of ever fitting in. In this land of big spiders, short shorts and zero interest in world affairs, Nora is as strange as snow at the Sphinx. She doesn’t know the songs, she hasn’t seen the TV shows and, worst of all, she wore sandals on her first day of school.

    The only place Nora feels like she really belongs is on the front seat of the bus.

    Then Samuel joins Nora at the bus stop. He seems to be the only person in the whole school who genuinely cares about her. But is he really worthy of her trust?

    Or will his secrets break her heart?

    Travel with Nora as she takes the long journey home through faith, hope and love.

    With a little belly dancing on the way.

    Sarah Turland was born in South Australia and has since travelled extensively, including living in Egypt for nearly six years. She and her husband have four children, who are all TCKs, a dog called Pharaoh, and a cat which shall remain nameless since it ate the lovebirds.

    When she’s not nursing or writing, she enjoys having friends over and playing board games. She also loves reading books with happy endings, usually accompanied by a block of chocolate carefully hidden so the kids will not find it. She likes singing and taking her dog for walks and hates anything with eight legs. 

    She cannot belly dance.

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