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Behind the Picket Fence

Dawn Pryor

ISBN 9780645492644

LIST PRICE: $19.99


We live in a world that is consumed with comparisons. Each and every day, women struggle to believe the truth about themselves, rather believing that those around them are living better, happier and more fruitful lives than they are.

There is so much deception surrounding the myth that the ‘grass is greener on the other side’, or that behind the picket fence lives the perfect family. There is no such thing as perfect, yet we buy into the lie that there is.

If you are that woman, the one just like me, who has fallen into the trap of believing you have missed out, or that you’re not good enough, then this is the book for you.

In Behind the Picket Fence – The Lies Women Believe, author Dawn Pryor will help you realize that it’s time to start believing the truth about who God has called you to be, and live the life He has set before you.

About the author
Dawn Pryor is a woman who loves to encourage other women. She wants girls everywhere to see themselves the way God sees them and to learn to love themselves the way He loves them. It is her desire that women would stop comparing themselves to each other and accept who they are in Him.

Dawn is the founder of Island Rest and Restore, a Christian women’s retreat on beautiful Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia that creates space for women to get away and spend time hearing the voice of God. She is also the author of Hope Faith Truth and I Could Be Anything.

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