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Becoming Money Wise

Phil Strong

ISBN 9780645165715

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Build your Brilliant Financial Future

If you are struggling to get from payday to payday, your relationships are suffering from financial stress, or your rainy day fund is constantly depleted, then read this book!

Phil Strong’s tried and proven strategies have already helped thousands of families and individuals achieve their lifestyle dreams.  It’s time to take your finances to a new level.  Whether that’s becoming debt free, comfortably covering your expenses, or paying for overseas holidays and achieving fun goals – Phil’s principles will show you how.

You will discover how to:

  • Stop struggling with debt and get ahead no matter what your income level
  • Create a spending plan that really works and allows for fun and flexibility
  • Get the things you really want without using credit cards or Hire Purchases

Bonus Section on trusts, eradicating debt, teaching your children about money, saving tips and using a financial planner is included.

“Wise and timely advice for managing your money in increasingly complex and stressful times. Very practical, easy to read and understandable advice.”
Paul Watkins, Author of How to be a Big Fish

About the author
Phil Strong is a successful published author who loves to share insights based on real-life situations and teach principles that are easy to apply. His stories will impact you deeply as you share his journey. His writing style is honest and straight forward. As you read Phil’s writing it is almost as if he is lying on your couch with a cup of coffee chatting and reading his book to you.

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