Becoming an author has never been easier than it is today. Not too long ago, the only way to get published was to contact the major publishing firms, submit your manuscript (if they are interested in seeing more), and after a very lengthy process, generally be rejected.

The main reason for these rejections is not because of poor content, but due to lack of profile. By and large, it is the author’s profile, not the content of a book, that sells. As an example, Joyce Meyer can write a book on hearing from God, and you just so happen to have written a book on the same subject. Your book could even surpass hers in terms of research and content, but with her massive networks and profile, her book will be an instant seller.

That is the traditional way publishers look at books, and based on this, new authors, unless they have a stand-out book, generally don’t stand a chance.

Okay, that’s the bad news. Now for the good news. The publishing world is now a very different one and there are a range of publishing contracts available, which take into account the fact that new authors generally don’t have a high profile. If you’re in this position, Ark House is certainly here to help.

We even have tools to self publish your book, if that’s the option you choose to take. So we encourage you to get started on your manuscript, as there is a very high chance you will get your book published.

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