beauty maker
Sarah Alison
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Beauty Maker

Sarah Alison

ISBN 9780975633137

LIST PRICE: $22.99


There is much beauty in the making.

What if God called you to do the most humble, unseen work and that it would cause you to kneel and wrestle and question and dig and till the uncultivated ground of your soul, but it would be done on your knees with Love kneeling right beside you?

What if a lot of the answers you were looking for required nothing but simple childlike faith, that the wisdom found would be contrary to what you thought, and it would require your dreams and desires to be buried in the dirt, your hands to be emptied, and your soul to water it in worship as you planted it all?

What if the promise of a new day keeps arising, and you see that, again and again, when your single seed dies, it has the ability to produce many more, and that the wind will help you carry those seeds over hills and through valleys, uncovering an uncommon beauty, redeeming everything in its time?

What if an abundant, blessed life means living this process over and over but that the fruit will last forever, and the result will be one where your roots grow deep and your branches stretch high, all for the benefit of others and the beautiful glory of heaven?

It’s time to plant your seed.

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