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Battling & Beating the Blues

By Dr. Robert Bakss

Biblical advice for overcoming depression

People are obsessed with happiness, yet many are increasingly depressed. Millions of people battle and suffer with depression every day and it is more than just feeling down or having a bad day. Depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you think, act and feel.

It can take different forms and affect individuals in various ways. Mental anguish is hard on your health and affects you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Drawing from his wife’s lived experience for 28 years, his own pastoral counselling and years of research, Dr Robert Bakss describes how depression affects people and what God’s Word prescribes as ways to battle and beat the blues. Dr Bakss biblically addresses this issue and provides theological and practical strategies to deal with depression.

About the author
After completing a law degree and pursuing a career in law, God challenged Robert to go to Bible College and prepare for the ministry. After working in the legal profession and local government industry for fifteen years, he entered into full-time ministry in 1997 and completed his Doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2010. For almost twenty-five years, Dr Robert Bakss has been the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. With a passion for God and His Word, Robert and his wife co-authored Poles Apart – A Christian couple gives bipolar a voice. He has also written a book on anxiety, What to do when Panic Attacks – Biblical advice for overcoming anxiety. He and his wife have five children and they have been blessed with nine grandchildren.

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