Jo Raymond


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    By Jo Raymond | ISBN 9781921589706

    What started as a winter ‘flu’ that couldn’t be shaken turned into a catastrophic event for Jo Raymond. In 2008 Jo fell critically ill to the point where she was dying, Jo knew she was about to leave an incomplete life –as wife, mother and worshipper.

    Awakening tells of Jo’s experience where she defied all medical expectations and survived cardiac arrest, multiple major organ failure and awoke from a coma.

    From the confines of Jo’s hospital bed she regained strength, health, courage and began to see life a lot differently receiving the perspective and clarity she prayed for. Jo’s old life was lived largely through self-effort and governed by fear and rejection, now Jo understands the extent of a divine love and the resonance of eternal promises.

    Written with honesty and transparency Awakening is a story of love, restoration and awakening to the greatest love we could ever know. It’s a story of how one woman awoke to the realization that she was deeply loved and treasured, and never, ever alone.

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