Author Exposure

Ark House is committed to helping authors get exposure, which naturally leads to sales. Ark House is a boutique publisher that has been publishing books for 16 years.

In addition, our brand brings credibility.

We have won the prestigious Christian Book of the Year award, as well as coming runner up and third place on other occasions.

Ark House is one of the world’s leading leading Christian book publishers. In addition, we are also 100% Christian owned and operated. As part of the Initiate Media group, Ark House receives massive exposure on key Christian websites globally. As such, all of our books receive a large amount of viewing by the global Christian community.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the production of our books, and we believe that authors whose books carry the Ark House logo are partnering with a company well known for quality. In fact, the logo on your book carries a great deal of weight. People like to know who published your book, and so your publishing imprint matters.

Every new Ark House release comes with exposure that will help you get your book known globally. 

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